Hammersmith Puppies in Their Homes

"Noodles" and her best friend.

"Rocco came home when he was 10 weeks old. From the beginning we knew we had ourselves a fantastic new family member. As like the rest of his line, Rocco’s temperament was calm and laid back. He immediately got along with our existing dog Chase. Training was a joy and he learned commands quickly and easily. At 8 months old all this still holds true. Rocco is a beautiful and well adjusted dog and we couldn’t be more happier with him nor his breeder. Truly a testament to his lineage." - Rick L.

"Annie is a great example of what is best about GSD'S. She is sweet and even tempered, ready to try to do everything we ask of her. She is still a puppy at eight months, but works hard every day to understand what we want from her. She does really well with other people and dogs, especially puppies and we have worked with her from the first day on socialization, not only with other dogs and people, but also new situations. Love having a breeder who understands that good looks are important, but good temperament is imperative." - Sally S. 

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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