About Hammersmith German Shepherds

Anya & Cowboy

New York City, 2016


My name is Anya Dobratz and I am absolutely obsessed

with German Shepherd Dogs. 

All my life (literally - since I was old enough to open a book) I have been keenly interested in dogs. That interest over the years blossomed into a passion for the German Shepherd, and that passion in turn became a dream that I now spend my weekends chasing down in my van from coast to coast, across the United States.  

I, like many, became enchanted by these dogs because of their beauty, intelligence and trainablity. To me they are the ultimate partner to mankind; loving, courageous, obedient and a joy to live with.  

I became a breeder because I felt that in our modern times, we have lost touch with what truly makes many breeds of dogs special and important to human history. Purebred dogs have driven our livestock, guarded our homes, captured our food, provided much-needed companionship and have greatly helped enable our society to thrive and become what it is today. Through my work as a preservation breeder, my vision is to produce puppies from very carefully selected parents that not only grow up to have the beauty and movement described by the breed standard, but also the temperament, character and intelligence that this breed brings to our lives. I operate on a very small scale to be certain that my animals receive the very best care, I do not have a "kennel" in the classic sense as my dogs live with me in my home.


A GSD should be calm and attentive in the home, ready to alert his owner to visitors but also be a friend to those we deem friendly. A GSD is a sensible dog with an "off switch," not a hyperactive nuisance. A GSD is noble and brave, standing his ground and handling new people and situations with sensibility, not a neurotic coward who is fearful and flighty. A GSD is not only an image to behold as he stands before you, but he is also a pair of intelligent eyes to look into; a go-anywhere, do-it-all partner for life that returns the effort you put into him 100% and more.


My goal as a breeder is to produce that dog for myself, and for you. 

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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