Young Hopefuls

With each litter comes promise for the future!

Here is the current crop of youngsters who are learning the ropes in the show ring and just "growing up." These kids mostly live with their co-owners but may have a part to play in future breedings once they mature!

Hammmersmith Atom Tan - "El Clavo" Male

"El Clavo" is my keeper from our GCh. Bossa Nova x Whiskers litter. He looks like he will be slower to mature than his brother "Quest" so he will be waiting his turn to be shown. In the meantime he is a silly, loud, obnoxious boy who is full of mischief. He loves stealing random objects and "singing us the song of his people." He reminds me of the character "Pig Pen" from the Peanuts comic. But something tells me that once he is mature he will be a stunning dog and an asset to future litters.

"Clavo" may be available to the right co-ownership situation.

Hammersmith Can I Kick It - "Quest" Male

"Quest" is our young star of the show ring. He is also from our Bossa Nova x Whiskers litter and is in residence with his loving co-owners. "Quest" has been a consistent winner since his career started and now has seven points towards his AKC Championship after bagging a three point and four point major in one weekend out of the Bred By Exhibitor class at the tender age of ten months. We expect him to attain his title quickly and easily and could not be more proud of him. 

Hammersmith Heathcliff Heathcliff

- "Heathcliff" Male

"Heathcliff" was an unexpected hold-back from our Ch. Ranger x Dia litter. While his sister "Easy" was the very obvious choice, something about that "Green Collar" male kept drawing my eye... ...and my pant legs (his TEETH.) Heathcliff has been nothing but T.R.O.U.B.L.E. since he was able to walk but is so handsome I find myself turning a blind eye to his shenanigans more often than not. This litter was our first foray into using 1/4 West German show lines and I cannot say I was disappointed. It appears that Heathcliff has gotten "the best of both worlds" as he just oozes quality from nose to tail. And to clear up any misconceptions about his name, Heathcliff was in fact not named after the troubled man who gazes wistfully across the moors and absolutely was named after the vagrant comic book cat who "terrorizes the neighborhood."

Hammersmith Flashes of Sin - "Easy" Female

"Easy" is just that. She was easy to pick, is easy to train and easy to live with. She has always been the perfect princess from our Ch. Ranger x Dia litter and is the apple of her co-owner's eye. Easy shines at any task you put her to and our plans for her involve many titles and a lot of fun.


I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes. 

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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